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How to be Organized for School

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Why Is Tutoring Important at the Beginning of the School Year?

You might be wondering why some families enroll in private tutoring services at the beginning of the school year before any assignments or grades have taken place. We, at JB Tutoring, believe it’s important to remember that learning isn’t just about getting good grades. Learning is about acquiring more information and skills that enable young people to feel more confident in their courses, but also life beyond the classroom as well. That is, education is not just about making sure students do well in their classes; it’s about helping them build good habits and skills, ones that will set them up for not only a successful academic career, but a successful life beyond the classroom.

Working with a tutor can help students achieve their potential. This is especially important at the beginning of the school year when teachers are reviewing foundational concepts that will be a part of that subject for the entirety of the school year and maybe even subsequent courses, too. This is especially true for Math classes and Foreign Language classes. If students struggle with grasping the basics of the content, this can make being successful extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the rest of the school year.

Tutoring services provide students with a safe, personalized learning environment where they can improve their knowledge. Tutoring helps students develop important study skills and communication skills that students need in order to keep up with their classes and homework assignments.

Recognizing the value of academic support before they fall behind is key. Not only will this help students with their overall learning experience and skill development, but they will likely maintain strong grades as well. In other words, rather than waiting until they have a deficit to make up, whether that be in test points or foundational skills, reach out to JB Tutoring today to see how we can best support your student’s needs NOW!

What Subjects Does Early Tutoring Help in Most?

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Study Skill and Organization | Staying Organized

We cannot overemphasize the importance of being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to study skills and organizational skills. Whether your student struggles with a learning disability, issues with time management, a lack of confidence, or perhaps a dissonance with a certain teacher’s teaching style, we are here to help.

The sooner we can teach and help your student implement these skills, the better off they will be. Organization and study skills are essential to becoming successful in academic courses and job readiness later on. Let our tutors help your student cultivate skills that will be fruitful long after they make their way through school.

Depending on the student’s grade level, it can be helpful to talk about how study skills and organization can differ based on subject area. For example, high school tests in History may rely more on multiple choice while English tests may rely more on paragraph answers and textual evidence.

Preparing for those two tests requires different skills. Our tutors can help your student develop those different sets of skills so that they work smarter and not harder!

Math Courses

Math classes are all cumulative in nature. The concepts and skills build on each other, from year to year and from unit to unit. So, to be successful in future units of math, students need to understand the foundational concepts taught in previous years and previous units.

For example, if your student is starting Algebra this year, they may need support at the beginning of the school year reviewing multiplication and division of positive and negative numbers. Teachers may spend a brief time reviewing these concepts, but for many students, that review is too quick or not thorough enough.

A student can struggle through a few units before this knowledge gap really manifests itself. But by then, they will have been struggling so much with the basic steps that they may have not learned the new units’ content sufficiently and then struggle more and more each unit to come.

Additionally, sometimes students may need one-on-one instruction on how to use math tools like graphing calculators. No matter what it is, we can help your student with their math needs. Whether it be general concept review, how to make better use of the tools they have access to, or better establish a strong understanding of new content, we have you covered!


Similarly, if your student struggled with writing essays last school year, guess what next school year is going to have? You guessed it -- more essays! The skills students learn in English class for reading and writing are necessary for every other class. This means that falling behind grade-level in those skillsets can be detrimental across the board if not addressed as quickly as possible.

Foreign Language Courses

Foreign Language classes are more like Math than English in the way content accumulates. If students do not understand the foundational grammar or rules or prior years’ vocabulary, it can be extremely difficult to progress. Our tutors can help them review grammar skills and vocabulary from previous semesters so that they start their school year off on the right foot!


The same logic goes for SAT/ACT Prep for juniors. It is far better to get started sooner rather than later so that students have time to take the test more than once throughout the school year and improve their scores!

Whether your student needs help catching up from last year, feels they’ve lost too much knowledge during the summer, or needs support starting strong with new content: JB Tutoring is here for you and your student now and throughout the academic year!



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