Tutoring Policies & Procedures

JB Tutoring's Policies and Procedures

Session Overview

Tutoring sessions are 1, 1.5, or 2 hours and typically take place in the client’s home. A client may request for tutoring sessions to take place at a public venue, such as a library, school, or coffee shop. Students are expected to be prepared and have all necessary materials (textbook, worksheets, notebook/paper, writing utensils, calculator, laptop, etc.) for their tutoring sessions. Tutors are expected to come to sessions with a whiteboard and marker or a pencil and paper (a laptop and calculator are required in some instances as well). Tutors will help students work through course material, provide relevant instruction, and offer valuable tips on study skills in each session.




Clients can book individual tutoring sessions directly through the JB Tutoring website. Clients can also purchase a package (bundle of 4 or 8 tutoring sessions) and then contact Jaclyn about preferred day, time, and duration, for each tutoring session. In most cases, clients will set up a weekly day/time/duration for tutoring sessions. This will help maintain a consistent, predictable schedule for the student and tutor. If clients or tutors must change the day or time of the session due to other commitments (sports event, meeting, upcoming exam, etc.), tutors and clients need to be in communication with Jaclyn 24 hours prior to the session start time. Jaclyn requests that both parties do their best to be flexible and accommodating to the other’s schedule and availability on any given week. 

 **Mandatory Adult Chaperone** 


A parent, guardian, or chaperone (21 years of age or older) must be present during the entire lesson for in-home tutoring sessions. Tutors may not enter the home of a client if a parent, guardian, or chaperone is not in the home. If a parent, guardian, or chaperone does not arrive within 15 minutes, the tutor is free to leave and the client will still be charged in full. If a chaperone does arrive within that time, the tutor may carry on with the session and end at the original scheduled time for that session. The only time this rule may be disregarded is if the tutor and parent both agree to the tutor being alone with the student, inform Jaclyn that this is taking place, and understand that Jaclyn and JB Tutoring LLC will not be held liable for anything that happens in the absence of a chaperone.

**No Closed Doors**


A tutor may never tutor a student behind closed doors. This is for the tutors' comfort and protection as well as the students'. Tutors and clients may not have any inappropriate relations (examples include, but are not limited to, consuming alcohol, doing drugs, or engaging in sexual acts). There will be zero tolerance for breaching this rule. Tutoring sessions should be held in an open, quiet, low traffic area in the client’s home where a chaperone is present.

Sharing Contact Information

​​​Tutors may, and indeed should, exchange contact information (like phone number and email) with their students’ parents. Tutors may also text and email directly with their students as long as a parent or guardian is included on the text message or email thread.


Running Late


If a tutor is running late, he or she will contact the client by phone. No matter what time the tutor arrives, the tutor is obligated to stay for the session’s full time (1, 1.5, or 2 hours). If the tutor has another tutoring session immediately after the one he or she arrives late to, the client can have the tutor stay late or come early on another day. If a client is running late, the client or the tutor must contact the other by phone. If the client is on his or her way, the tutor will wait and end the session at the regular scheduled time. If the tutor receives no response from the client, then the tutor is free to go after 15 minutes and the client will still be charged in full.

Cancellation Policy


JB Tutoring does not permit last minute cancellations. Clients may cancel up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled tutoring session. If the client cancels the tutoring session less than 24 hours before the session, the client will still be charged for that session in full. We ask that you respect our tutors’ time and do not cancel last minute. If, of course, there is a family emergency, the cancellation may be excused.

Make-Up Sessions


If the tutor or client cancels a session, the tutor must always contact the client to schedule a make-up session. We advise, for the benefit of the student, that the client and tutor make up any missed session(s) within 2 weeks of the missed session(s).




Refunds will only be given if a tutor does not show up to a tutoring session and the client has already paid for the session. A refund may also be given if the client faced a family emergency and had already paid for a tutoring session that ultimately did not take place.


Termination of Tutoring


If the tutor or client chooses to discontinue tutoring, the tutor or client must inform Jaclyn 2 weeks prior to the last session. This provides the tutor with the opportunity to find a replacement for that time in his or her schedule.


Non-Solicitation Agreement


Tutors and clients cannot steal or solicit clients or tutors for his or her own financial gain or for the benefit of a competing organization after leaving the company. In other words, tutors and clients who met through JB Tutoring LLC cannot work with each other outside of JB Tutoring LLC. If someone chooses to do so, legal action may be taken against him or her.


Client Responsibilities


To ensure that students get the most out of their tutoring sessions, students should have all their study materials ready at the beginning of the session (class notes, homework, textbook, pens/pencils, etc.). Tutors will not complete homework or other assignments on behalf of the student. Tutors meet with students in order to help students overcome their areas of difficulty. Students should not expect that the tutor will do the students' work for them. Students may not have a friend present for tutoring sessions unless agreed upon in advance with Jaclyn. Tutoring sessions with 2 students will follow "buy 1, get 1 half off" pricing.


Tutor Responsibilities


Tutors are expected to arrive to their sessions on time and appropriately dressed. Tutors must maintain reliable transportation. Tutors should not wear revealing clothing or athletic attire. Tutors should bring a white board and marker or some scratch paper along with pens/pencils. Tutors should not accept any payments that come directly from clients. If any clients have questions regarding payments, tutors should refer them to Jaclyn.


Billing Policy


When customers purchase a package on the website, they opt into auto-renewal. In other words, if a client purchases a package that includes 4 tutoring sessions, the package will auto-renew upon completion of the 4th session. If the client books tutoring sessions "as-needed", clients will receive an invoice via email within 1 week of the session. Clients will have the option to pay by debit or credit card. Late payments will incur a $25 fee for every 15 days the invoice remains overdue.  If the payment remains unpaid after 60 days, legal action may be taken against the client.

***Failure to abide by these policies and procedures may result in termination of employment or correspondence with JB Tutoring LLC. Jaclyn or JB Tutoring LLC will not be held responsible for a breach of these policies and procedures.***