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Tutoring Reviews & Testimonials

JB Tutoring has over 70 five star reviews on Google


"When our junior started bringing home failing Algebra 2 grades, we asked him what was up. He hadn't struggled in math too much before so we figured he just wasn't doing his homework. Well, the real reason was that he just didn't get the concepts. So, we called Jaclyn at JB Tutoring. She came over within days and she and Kevin started taking turns tutoring once per week. We increased his tutoring to twice per week and the results have been very positive so far. After receiving a 27 on a test before tutoring, his latest quiz was a 92. Very glad we did this! Even when he gets his grades all the way up,  we will probably continue the tutoring through his senior year. He enjoys the sessions and learns much better 1-on-1 than in his large class at his school."

-Guardian of 11th grade student in South Austin

Speech Bubble A+

"JB Tutoring has been wonderful for my 4th grader! My daughter needed a little extra help with multiplication/division, multi-step word problems, etc. Jaclyn has been tutoring her once per week and is definitely making a difference. It is so nice that she comes to us!"


-Mother of 4th grade student in Central Austin


"I highly recommend JB Tutoring if you or your child needs help with class work or is struggling with school/homework. My daughter was struggling with AP Physics (she had a 60) and after a few tutoring sessions with Kevin, Samantha raised her grade to an 89. The sessions are reasonably priced and very productive. Kevin always shows up with a whiteboard, markers, and a calculator -- everything needed to make a session productive. Thank you Kevin and JB Tutoring! You really turned things around for my daughter!"

-Father of 11th grade student in South Austin

Yellow Rulers

"If you're looking for a tutor for your student, I would highly recommend Jaclyn at JB Tutoring. Jaclyn is personable, skilled, and very professional. She comes to our home on a weekly basis and has been instrumental in helping my student improve her comprehension and increase her scores, particularly in Algebra 1. Jaclyn has great communication skills and is prompt and efficient with her time. I'm thankful we found her."

-Mother of 9th grade student in Central Austin

Blue Pencil

"Jaclyn has been an outstanding tutor for my son who's a junior in high school. His math grade average has risen 10 points since Jaclyn began working with him once per week. She's been working with him for 3 months now. On one occasion, when she could not come tutor, she sent one of her other tutors, Rhoda, and that went very well, too! I highly recommend JB Tutoring LLC!"

-Mother of 11th grade student in South Austin


"Jaclyn is well-versed in multiple disciplines, but our area of requirement was in Geometry. After a few short weeks, meeting first once a week and subsequently moving to twice a week, we are pleased to report a remarkable level of improvement. Daily grades and quiz scores came up immediately. The test scores followed. As a result, we have added almost 10 points to this semester's overall average and we are still climbing. If you're thinking of getting a tutor for your student(s), or thinking of switching from your current choice, we simply cannot say enough about our success with Ms. Jaclyn."

-Father of 10th grade student in South Austin

Speech Bubble A+

"My daughter is a 10th grader and was struggling in Algebra 2. My very good friend recommended JB Tutoring LLC. I called Jaclyn and she sent over McCoy to tutor my daughter the following week. It saved her. McCoy has been very helpful and is clearly knowledgeable in Algebra 2. Working with Jaclyn and McCoy has been a wonderful experience. I highly recommend them!" 

-Mother of 10th grade student in Central Austin


"For anyone looking for a tutor, I highly recommend JB Tutoring. Jaclyn has built her service with smart, dedicated, well-qualified tutors. My two teenagers have enjoyed working with Jaclyn and her team of subject-matter experts. Jaclyn has worked hard to accommodate schedule changes and last-minute requests and most importantly, clearly cares about seeing my kids succeed."

-Mother of 9th and 10th graders in Central Austin

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