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English Tutoring in Austin, tx 

One of the most important, versatile skills that can translate into success across academic, professional, and personal arenas is an individual’s ability to write and to write well. The demand for clear, written communication is present throughout our lifetimes, from essay assignments to business emails, from resume building to birthday cards, and so much more. Through your student’s English sessions, our tutors will help your student develop a stronger, more persuasive writing style. Depending on the level of English, your student will likely grow as an analytical reader, too. Contact us today to get started with our affordable tutoring service!

Austin English  Tutoring 

No matter which level of English your student is struggling with, we have a knowledgeable, capable tutor ready to help!


JB Tutoring offers personalized assistance in the following levels of English classes:


  • Language Arts (K-8)

  • English I

  • English II

  • English III (Language and Composition)

  • English IV (Literature)

  • Writing (Creative and Academic)

English Tutor in Austin | Reading In A Library
Essay Tutoring in Austin
What to Expect in an English Session

Students should come to their tutoring sessions prepared with all necessary study materials. This may include:

  • Class notes

  • Homework assignments

  • Study guide for an upcoming exam

  • Pencil

  • Spiral notebook

Likewise, the tutor will come to the session with scratch paper and a pencil or a whiteboard and marker. Depending on the needs of the student, a tutor may also bring a laptop.

More About Our Austin English & LanguAge arts Tutoring 

If the student needs the tutor to bring supplementary study materials, please let Jaclyn know in advance! We are happy to provide these items, but we need to know ahead of time so the tutor can plan accordingly.

To begin the session, the tutor will ask the student what he or she has been learning in class (ie. Literary Devices,  Persuasive Essays, Research Project, Novel, etc.) and how comfortable he or she feels with that concept or book. The tutor will let the student tell them about what he or she has been working on in English class and what assignment they will be focusing on in the session.

Austin English Tutoring

If the student requires assistance with a persuasive or argumentative essay, the tutor will first lay out an effective format or structure for the paper. Then, the tutor and student can work on developing an outline for the essay.

For example, the essay should follow a predictable, academic format which consists of an introductory paragraph,  2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. The tutor will closely and carefully walk through each of these sections with the student and ensure the student fully grasps how to craft an interesting, effective, and well-written paper.

The goal of this process is to create independence and confidence within the student so that he or she can write academic pieces with ease. It is important for students to remember that first drafts are NOT final drafts. A student should ALWAYS leave time to revise their work and check the piece for grammatical and spelling errors.

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