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College Essay Tutoring in Austin,tx

College applications, in general, are notorious for causing confusion, stress, and panic among both parents and students. The college admission process prompts a multitude of questions, but the chief source of anxiety often lies with the college application essay.

No matter what universities your student chooses to apply to, they will always be competing with others for that congratulatory confirmation that they have finally made it into the college of their dreams. 
JB Tutoring understands how exciting, but also overwhelming, applying to colleges can be for your student. We strive to make the college application process as seamless and simple as possible. 
Crafting an exceptional college application essay with a tutor at JB Tutoring ensures that your student will successfully articulate their unique personality and voice, along with their aptitude for critical thinking and personal reflection on their college application. 


College Prep Tutoring

JB Tutoring is a small tutoring organization that serves K-12 students in the Austin TX area. We offer various tutoring services, one of which assists students with writing and/or perfecting their college application essays.


Although every student can learn how to write essays for college applications, our services go beyond that. We aim to familiarize students with the essentials of essay writing so that they are prepared for college writing assignments as well.


From idea brainstorming and outlining, to researching, writing, and revising, our tutors are here to ensure that your student is comfortable with every aspect of their college admissions essays.


College essay tutoring can be adapted to your students’ needs, but some of our services include:

Topic Choice & Brainstorming: Simply getting started is the most challenging part for many students because they are unsure of what they want to write about, or how to begin their essay. JB Tutoring’s tutors will help your student choose a few significant experiences that could showcase their personality traits, background, and talents. Some colleges allow you to choose the topic, as long as it’s appropriate, while others may preselect the topic for you.

Writing: If your student is not the strongest or most confident writer, JB Tutoring can teach your student some helpful writing skills that they can carry with them into their college career. Whether your student needs assistance in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure or paragraph organization, our tutors will ensure that their essay reflects proper writing mechanics and style.

Revising: Most of the time that we spend with your student consists of their essay revisions. JB Tutoring’s tutors improve your student’s essay by offering suggestions and feedback on tone, structure, opportunities for adding further detail, and more. Our revisions will help your student eliminate the unnecessary details throughout their essay and ultimately let the relevant, most important information shine.

Research: Many universities have additional short answer questions that require students to provide details explaining why they would like to attend that particular college. JB Tutoring tutors can guide students through their research to ensure that they compose a short essay that captures why that school resonates with them. This may include the college’s extracurricular activities, size, location, courses or degree programs, and more.

Final Editing: After students and tutors have crafted and extensively revised all college essays, we will do one final edit to ensure that their essay is free of any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. This requires carefully reading through the essay, marking any obvious errors, and making any necessary changes before submission.

At JB Tutoring, we pride ourselves on helping students thrive in both their academic and personal lives.

Our tutors are committed to helping students succeed in the classroom and beyond by boosting their academic performance, self-confidence, and sense of self-sufficiency.

College Application Essay Tutoring

JB Tutoring has over a dozen tutors that can assist across a wide variety of subjects, including Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, English, History, Spanish, SAT/ACT Prep, College Admission Essays, and more! In addition to assistance with specific courses, tutors can offer advice on study skills and organizational skills as well.

Jaclyn is the head college application essay tutor at JB Tutoring.

In college application essay sessions, Jaclyn and students can:

  1. Discuss Potential Majors/Career Paths 

    • Jaclyn is working on becoming an MBTI certified practitioner. Starting in summer of 2022, Jaclyn will be able to administer the MBTI personality test to students and offer advice about areas of study in light of their personality type.

  2. Create a College Planner

    • ​The college planner is a document that features important information about the colleges the student wants to apply to (location, majors of interest, etc.). Jaclyn is looking into implementing an online software program called Guided Path to better streamline this process. Stay tuned!

  3. Verify University Admission Requirements and Application Deadlines

    • This information will be added to the college planner document or the Guided Path portal.

  4. Brainstorm Essay Ideas and Create Outlines

    • ​Most universities require students to submit an application essay (500-700 words) based on a standardized prompt. Many universities have additional short answer questions (100-450 words). Jaclyn will have students complete a brainstorming worksheet that helps students generate ideas for how to respond to these questions. They will then discuss the worksheet and formulate outlines accordingly so that the student can begin writing.

  5. Make Revisions and Provide Comments on Drafts of Essays

    • ​Jaclyn will provide detailed feedback and essay revisions in order to ensure the student submits the best written responses possible!

Rates & Availability

Jaclyn is available Monday through Thursday, in the afternoon and early evening. Due to the risks presented by COVID-19, Jaclyn prefers to do online tutoring sessions. Her College Admission Essay sessions are typically 1 or 1.5 hours in length. Most families have tutoring sessions 1-3 times per week. Her rate for these sessions is typically $80/hr per hour. If Jaclyn incorporates the Guided Path software, rates are subject to change.

If you would like to learn more about Jaclyn and JB Tutoring, please visit her website at If you would like to reach her directly, her phone number is 512-964-3996 and her email address is

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