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Summer Tutoring Austin

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

It’s summertime… time to relax, enjoy the sunshine, and possibly even jump into a summer tutoring program!

Most students groan at the thought of summer tutoring but realistically, there are 168 hours in 1 week, and how terrible would it be to devote 1, 2, or even 3 of those hours to summer tutoring?

3 hours sounds like a lot, but your student can even split up their study hours throughout the week, instead of performing all their studying in one sitting.

Whatever duration your student prefers, some hours devoted to summer learning is better than no hours!

Invest in your student's future by investing in JB Tutoring’s summer tutoring programs.

Summer Tutoring Programs

At JB Tutoring, we offer summer tutoring programs for elementary students and summer tutoring programs for high school students.

Whether you are seeking an elementary school tutor or high school tutor, the most relevant subjects for summer tutoring are:

  • Summer Math Tutors

  • Tutor for Language Arts

  • Summer Writing Tutor

  • SAT and ACT Prep Tutoring Services

  • College Application Essay Tutor

  • How to Improve Math and Science Skills

We also offer other tutoring services such as:

  • Tutor for Science

  • Summer Spanish Tutor

  • Summer French Tutor

  • & More!

JB Tutoring offers professional tutoring programs to not only enhance your student’s academic performance, but also to boost their confidence inside and outside of school as well.

Boost your student’s confidence with JB Tutoring’s professional tutoring services and we’ll teach them how to be successful, in the classroom and beyond.

Benefits of Summer Tutoring

There are so many reasons to invest in your student’s education during the summer!

Practice Essential Skills

Practice makes perfect! If you have ever studied hard enough, you know that this is true.

Summer tutoring allows students to practice fundamental skills that they will use later on in school and the workforce, such as organization, critical thinking, listening, writing, reading-comprehension, note-taking, and more.

Whether your student is in elementary school, middle school, high school, or college, note-taking can make a huge difference in their learning.

If your student needs help learning and refining skills like these, it will make a positive impact to practice these in summer tutoring sessions. That way, your students are prepared and better able to absorb the knowledge they are taught at school later this year.

Boost Performance

Summer tutoring gives students a competitive edge for the following school year.

Once your student has mastered what they did not initially understand, they will be able to start on next year’s material. JB Tutoring can guide your student through the new material to ensure they do not fall behind.

The summertime is also a great opportunity to build some confidence! Confidence is vital in a student’s success because low self-esteem also lowers a student’s ability to focus, desire to study, stay organized, and more.

A JB Tutoring tutor works privately with your student to support their academic understanding, plus celebrate their achievements without the added pressure of deadlines, grades, and so on.

Bridge the Gap

Students tend to forget much of what they learned in the previous year and our summer tutoring programs can help bridge the gap for success.

Instead of falling behind because your student does not remember how to pick up where their studies left off, JB Tutoring’s 1-on-1 summer tutoring will refresh their memory so they can thrive in their studies during the next semester.

Stay Focused & Overcome Test Anxiety

Some students feel pressure and anxiety during test-taking which ultimately distracts them from doing well on the test.

A summer tutor can help students develop healthy habits and techniques to cope with stress and improve focus during an important test or exam.

Students who have trouble focusing (in general) could also benefit from these techniques.

Create a Routine

Time management and organization are two vital aspects of life that students need to master before college.

Summer tutoring can help your student create a consistent routine and structure for their studies. These routines can hold students accountable for their studies and ensure they are not at risk for procrastinating. Instead, they get comfortable with studying on a regular basis.

Summer tutors can also provide your student with tips to ensure their study/organizational habits persist. For example, they can practice keeping track of their assignments and staying organized with their notebooks, folders, and planner.

Personalized Study Style

Since we all learn differently, tutors can help students identify the study style that promotes their most efficient way of learning.

The summer is an opportunity to explore new ways of learning and experiment with various study, learning, and teaching styles.

Students who learn better 1-on-1 will learn differently than students who prefer to study in groups, just like students who are visual learners learn differently than students who are auditory learners.

A summer tutor can help your student find the learning method that resonates best with them.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

The school year is typically extremely busy for students and preparing for the SAT/ACT can be challenging to squeeze in.

Students need to find time to prepare for the ACT and SAT on top of managing their regular classes, extracurricular activities, and other obligations.

The summer is a great time to study for standardized tests like the ACT, SAT and so on, without feeling the pressure of the busy school year schedule!

Some standardized tests are actually offered during the summer as well, and students can choose to take them while they have more free time and time to prepare.

Not only will a tutor review the content with your student, but they will also teach them strategies for how to approach test questions effectively.

JB Tutoring teaches students the study tips, learning hacks, and organizational habits they need to be successful throughout their academic, professional and personal lives.

Contact us for any questions on our summer tutoring programs!



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