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  • Do y’all offer in-person tutoring and online tutoring?
    Yes, both! Families can do tutoring sessions in-person at the location of their choice (such as a local library or coffee shop). We also offer online sessions via Zoom!
  • What grade levels do you work with?
    We offer elementary school tutoring, middle school tutoring, high school tutoring, and occasionally college level tutoring.
  • What subjects do you offer?
    We have tutors who can assist in pretty much ALL K-12 subjects, SAT/ACT Prep, College Application Essays, and even some College Level courses! To learn more about our offerings, visit our SERVICES page or BOOK NOW page.
  • Why are my student's grades not improving after being in tutoring?
    This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many different factors that can impact student performance. However, here are a couple things to consider: 1. First and foremost, it is important to know that tutoring sessions are meant to supplement students' studies, not be the entirety of their studies. In other words, it is essential for both parents and students to know that students cannot expect to excel in classes if they are only working on that content 1-2x per week in tutoring. It is crucial for the student to use the knowledge and skills they gain in tutoring and apply it on their own, independently, outside of tutoring. This is especially true for SAT Prep and ACT Prep. After all, students have to take the exam on their own eventually! 2. Secondly, it could be the case that the tutor your student is working with is not the best fit for their learning style. We at JB Tutoring strive to always maintain a large team of skilled tutors with a variety of backgrounds, personalities, and teaching styles. If, after a few sessions, your student is not improving, consider trying a different tutor from our team! 3. Thirdly, there may be something else going on with your student. Sometimes we can forget how challenging adolescence truly is. From peer pressure to hormonal changes to the information overload that is social media...let's be honest, adolescence is not exactly a walk in the park! We at JB Tutoring believe it is of the utmost importance to really check in with our students to see if there might be a deeper reason for their academic struggles beyond simply not understanding content. We encourage you to do the same, to partner with us in this way, so that we can better support your student, academically and just as a young human being trying to make their way in the world.
  • Where are in-person tutoring sessions held? Do you have a tutoring center?
    We are a mobile tutoring service! We strive to make in-person tutoring sessions as convenient as possible by bringing them to a local library or coffee shop near your home.
  • How long are tutoring sessions? Can I do a 30 minute session?
    JB Tutoring offers 1 hour, 1.5 hour, and 2 hour tutoring sessions. We do not offer 30 minute sessions. 1 hour sessions are the shortest session length we offer at this time.
  • Can the tutor work with more than 1 student in a session?
    Yes! So long as the students are in the same level of school (elementary school, middle school, or high school). For example, if you have a 3rd grader and a 5th grader who need help with different subjects, you can split the session between your students (ex. 30 min each). We also offer Group Tutoring if you have 2+ students who want to receive tutoring in the same subject simultaneously (great option for twins and friends). Group tutoring sessions are about $15/hr cheaper than 1-on-1 sessions, too!
  • Can the tutor help with more than 1 subject during a session?
    Yes! Many of the tutors on our team are proficient in multiple subjects. So, if your student has a 1 hour session and wants to work on both Algebra 1 and Biology, we will try to make sure your student gets paired with a tutor who can assist in both topics!
  • How do tutoring sessions work? What should I expect during a tutoring session? Do I need to have or prepare anything for tutoring sessions?
    Students should have all their study materials ready at the beginning of the session (class notes, homework, textbook, pens/pencils, etc.). Students should know what they want to work on with the tutor (homework, study guide, essay, etc.).Tutors will not complete homework or other assignments on behalf of the student. Tutors are there to help students overcome areas of difficulty, NOT do students' work for them. Tutors arrive with a white board and marker or some scratch paper along with pens/pencils, their laptop, calculator, or any other appropriate materials.
  • How do I know that tutoring will help? How do you ensure quality tutoring?
    As with any service, you cannot be 100% certain that it will work out. That being said, if you search “JB Tutoring” on Google, you will see that our organization has over 50 five star reviews. That track record simply would not be possible if we were providing a sub-par service. We, at JB Tutoring, are passionate about we do. We love learning, we love teaching, and we love acting as a mentor to younger students. More importantly, we are experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to our students. We will do everything we can to help them understand concepts and cultivate stronger study skills and organizational habits.
  • How many tutoring sessions are needed?
    For SAT Prep and ACT Prep, we recommend at least 4 sessions, but ideally 8 (1-2 sessions per section of the exam). For standard school tutoring, we do not have a set recommendation for number of sessions. Most families choose to do 1-3 tutoring sessions per week for the duration of the semester, but often the entire school year.
  • Do you perform an assessment or diagnostic test?
    We do not generally perform diagnostic assessments.
  • How much does tutoring cost?
    Elementary: approx. $55-60/hr Middle School: approx. $60-65/hr High School: approx. $65-85/hr College Level: approx. $75-85/hr SAT/ACT Prep: $75-85 /hr
  • How do I pay?
    You can pay for sessions and packages through the JB Tutoring app! If you do not want to do the app, you can purchase individual sessions or packages on our website through the “BOOK NOW” tab. Although you should be able to do this all from your phone, doing so on a laptop or iPad will likely be easier! We accept all major credit cards, and use a booking/payment processing software called Vagaro. If you are having difficulties in handling payment online, you can call Jaclyn with your card information and she will take care of it for you!
  • How do the tutoring packages work exactly?
    Our tutoring packages include bundles of 4 sessions and are a cheaper option than purchasing individual drop-in sessions. Many of our packages have an auto-renewal feature, much like a gym membership. After the student completes the last session on the bundle, the package will auto-renew. If you do not want the package to auto-renew, let Jaclyn know and she will deactivate that feature for you.
  • The rate is a bit outside my price range, is there any room for negotiation?"
    The best way to reduce tutoring costs is to opt for a “Group Tutoring” or “Online Tutoring” package. Check to see if any of your friends or neighbors have students in need of tutoring in the same subject(s) that your student needs. A tutor can work with the two of them simultaneously which will save you and the other family approximately $15/hr on tutoring sessions! If none of these options work for you, contact Jaclyn and tell her more about your situation.
  • Do I get to choose the tutor? How do I pick? Am I allowed to keep switching tutors until I find the best fit for my child?
    On the JB Tutoring website, under the ABOUT tab, you will see a drop-down menu that says OUR TUTORS. You can read a little about each of our professional tutors and choose which tutor you think would work the best with your student. If you have no preference or trust our judgment, Jaclyn will make a selection for you. If, for whatever reason, that tutor does not end up being a good fit for your student, let Jaclyn know and she will get your student set with a new tutor for the subsequent session!
  • How do you recruit tutors? What are their qualifications?
    Many of the tutors on our team are students at the University of Texas at Austin, and many of them are earning degrees in the very subjects that your students are currently struggling with! We love having college students as our tutors because since they are young, students find them more relatable, and seem to bond with them better than older tutors. Another reason we love having college students as our tutors is because it was not too long ago that they were sitting in your students’ very seats, learning the same concepts, in the same classes. As many of us know, UT Austin has become a highly competitive university. The students who attend are some of the brightest young people in our nation. They have mastered a variety of subjects and cultivated strong organizational habits and study skills. We simply cannot think of better people to serve as role models and academic supporters to younger generations!
  • What is the purpose of a tutor?
    We like to think of tutors as accountability partners. A tutor is someone (besides mom and dad) that helps ensure students complete homework assignments and understand course material. Tutors help students study for tests and provide tips on organizational habits and study skills, if desired. School can be overwhelming and stressful, and sometimes just having a person help create a plan of attack and check things off the long homework list can go a long way. And, perhaps most importantly, we feel the main purpose of a tutor is mentorship. We know that there is so much more to students’ lives than school. We strive to truly get to know our students, empathize with their struggles, and celebrate their wins, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • How do I become a tutor?
    If you are interested in working with JB Tutoring as a tutor, please email with your resume and a brief email introducing yourself! Jaclyn will either email you or give you a call.
  • How do I set up a tutoring session?
    You can book tutoring sessions online directly through the JB Tutoring website under the BOOK NOW tab or you can book sessions on the JB Tutoring app through the SERVICES tab. There, you can select the subject you need help with along with the tutor and day/time that works best for you! Having trouble with online booking? Fill out the form on our HOME page or CONTACT page to give us some information about you. Jaclyn or someone from our organization will call, text, or email you to finalize the booking! You can also email or call Jaclyn at 512-964-3996.
  • What happens if I cannot make it to my tutoring session?
    JB Tutoring does not permit short notice cancellations or rescheduling requests. Clients may cancel sessions up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time. If the client cancels or requests to reschedule the tutoring session less than 24 hours before the session, the client will still be charged for that session in full. We ask that you respect our tutors’ time and do not cancel last minute. If, of course, there is an unexpected family emergency or illness, the cancellation may be excused.
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