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COVID-19 Tutoring Resources for tutors

As we approach the start of the school year, many parents have started to ask how they can keep their

 students engaged and accountable during this unconventional school year. We at JB Tutoring have compiled a list of tips that can help your students thrive in the new distance learning setting. 

How To keep students learning and accountable during this time


In the absence of a formal school setting, routine can disappear. Consistent routines bring order, accountability, and structure to daily life. Following a routine helps prepare your child for life beyond the classroom too! Consider the following when crafting a daily routine:


  • No learning from bed! Establish this boundary. 

  • Select a quiet, distraction-free place in your home for student learning.

  • Structure time for breaks to prevent fatigue and restlessness. Remind your student to exercise, meditate, or stretch to overcome the stiffness that can arise after sitting in front of a computer screen all day.

  • Establish consequences for if students try to deviate from the routine.

  • Allow your student to participate in the educational process. Let them select some educational games, podcasts, or films. Encourage your student to start a project on something they are passionate about (design a website, create art or photography, engage in creative writing). 

  • Encourage juniors and seniors to work on SAT/ACT Prep or their college essays


Example Routine:


  • 9:30-11:30AM - English and History

  • 11:30AM-12:30PM - Lunch Break

  • 12:30-2:30PM - Math and Science

  • 2:30-3:30PM - Elective (foreign language, band, educational documentary, etc.)


  • 9:30AM-1:30PM - Self-Designed Learning 



In the absence of a formal school setting, students may feel forced to learn and complete all of their assignments online. Although it can be useful to write essays on Word and develop digital presentations through PowerPoint, there are many educational activities not well suited to digital learning.

  • For Math and Reading assignments, in particular, encourage students to print assignments.

  • Doing scratch work on paper is oftentimes unavoidable when it comes to solving math problems.

  • Similarly, it can be difficult to keep track of details when reading information on a screen. If your student prints the reading document, they can annotate and make notes in the margins – an excellent habit to nurture in preparation for college!



In the absence of a formal school setting, social interaction can suffer. Social interaction fosters a sense of collaboration, interdependence, and a richer learning experience. For example, one student may struggle to understand an idea or concept more than the other. Or maybe the two students interpreted the same reading assignment in different ways. The students can work together to share ideas and support each other.


  • Ask a friend or neighbor if your students can spend some time learning together on a weekly basis. 

  • Verify that your friend or neighbor has been abiding by and will continue to abide by social distancing guidelines to ensure the healthy and safety of your students.










In the absence of a formal school setting and traditional instruction, students may struggle with understanding various academic concepts. A recent USA Today article stated, "a growing body of research shows that intensive tutoring is generally more effective than other types of interventions at boosting student achievement."

  • JB Tutoring has a dozen qualified, capable tutors ready to assist your student in their academic studies! Visit Our Team page to learn more about our Austin tutors.

  • We are offering discounted tutoring packages for group tutoring sessions, too! Click the button below to learn more about our affordable tutoring services.

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